While in elected office and throughout her professional experience as a CPA specializing in municipal accounting, Jill has proven she knows how to tackle difficult financial situations. She is ready to defend the revenue and grants Glastonbury needs to thrive and help solve the fiscal problems facing our state.

Jill takes serving our community seriously, which is why during this legislative session she voted for every Glastonbury resident and supported the largest tax cuts in Connecticut’s history which put money back into residents’ pockets and our community. The state budget includes $650 Million in Tax relief.

  • Creates a Child Tax Rebate
  • Expands the Property Tax Credit
  • Ends pension and annuity tax
  • Lowered the business tax rate for Unemployment Insurance, effectively making the federal loan repayment for the coming year on behalf of businesses
  • Established JobsCT program – helping companies in target industries earn rebates against insurance premiums and state taxes for meeting job targets
  • Support CT residents with CDL training
  • Made direct investments in community nonprofits
  • Helped community providers keep up with inflation
  • Provided support to museums, theaters, and other CT attractions
  • Created additional student loan assistance programs
  • Approved economic incentives for Sikorsky tied to new federal contracts and expansion