As Vice Chair of the Education Committee and a mother to three children in the Glastonbury public school system, Jill is firmly committed to providing our kids with access to the resources they need to succeed. With Covid-19 raising many questions about the safety of in-person learning as well as the efficacy of online courses, we need leaders with the expertise to protect our children and teachers while providing the top-notch education we’ve come to expect from our schools.

As a leader in the Education Committee, Jill is regularly briefed on the latest Covid-19 protocols, and she shares this information with our Board of Education and Town Council. She is committed to making sure state education standards will protect our teachers and students and ensure every child has access to the technology they need for online learning.

Jill is also committed to continually improving the quality of curriculum in our classes. She supports the Next Generation standards which mandate the inclusion of climate change in science classes. Given the impact of superstorms like Sandy and Tropical Storm Isaias, it is more important than ever that our next generations have the knowledge they need to face the rising threat of climate change.

Jill also voted in favor of a bill passed in 2019 to mandate the inclusion of Black and Puerto Rican history in classrooms. She knows that education is a great equalizer. Given the rise of social, racial, and economic injustice, Jill is more committed than ever to ensuring our schools provide a full picture of American history, encourage inclusion, and empower our students to combat inequity.

If reelected, Jill will support strong education policies that include:

  • Full funding for schools to deliver safe in-person and high-quality online learning options;
  • Equitable access to technology and education resources across Connecticut;
  • Universal Pre-K pilot programs;
  • Support for Covid-19 testing for school faculty and staff;
  • Curriculum that empowers students to face the challenges of our times.

Jill is proud to once again have earned the endorsement of the American Federation of Teachers.