As Vice Chair of the Education Committee and a mother to three children in the Glastonbury public school system, Jill is firmly committed to providing our children with access to the resources they need to succeed. We need leaders with the expertise to protect our children and teachers while providing the top-notch education we’ve come to expect from our schools.

From her time on the Town Council to her position on the Education Committee, Jill has long been a passionate advocate for students. She is committed to delivering equitable education opportunities across Connecticut and has proposed a pilot program for universal Pre-K in disadvantaged communities. In addition, Jill has worked to:

Help CT Residents Land Good-paying, High-demand Jobs

  • Expanded successful Manufacturing Pipeline program
  • Increased work opportunities for young adults
  • New paid internship program at DOT
  • Provided parents and students with more occupational opportunities and helped schools partner with more local businesses
  • Allowed high school graduates to access to low-interest loans for attending occupational training programs.
  • Established student loan reimbursement program for in demand health care and mental health workers
  • Expanded the debt-free community college program to more first-time, part-time students

Respond to the Children’s Mental Health Crisis

  • Provided grants to local schools to hire more support staff, including in the areas of mental health: social workers, psychologists, and counselors
  • Funded the expansions of school-based health centers and the services they provide
  • Created new walk-ins for mental health emergencies
  • Initiated new position at the Healthcare Advocate to help families navigate care for children and adolescents
  • Expanded 24/7 emergency mental health response
  • Established state oversight and coordination of state response to kids’ mental health needs
  • Expanded mentorship opportunities
  • Helped school-based health centers develop new mental health programming
  • Assisted local schools in expanded mental health staff and access to care
  • Provided mental health training to parents, students, and pediatricians