Environment, Energy & Infrastructure


Glastonbury’s open spaces are a treasure, and Jill has fought hard to preserve them for generations to come.

Protecting CT’s Environment

  • Expanded eligibility for participation in the state’s Brownfield remediation program to include companies who lease a property with an intent to own. This will expand our efforts to help cities and towns address their Brownfields
  • Expanded financing to develop zero-emission vehicle infrastructure, build more solar power and fuel cells and reinforce our electric grid against the effects of climate change
  • Set a goal of reaching zero greenhouse gas emissions from electricity supplied to you by 2040
  • Expanded state farmland restoration programming to include climate-smart farming and forestry practices
  • Created a public health reporting system for homeowners with an abundance of salt in their drinking water

Jill knows we must do all we can to protect the air we breathe, water we drink, and farms and open spaces we love from the impacts of pollution and climate change. During her time in the legislature, Jill helped pass the State Water Plan to ensure responsible management of our most precious resource. Given the severity of the drought we’ve faced in 2022, it is more important than ever that we balance our need for safe drinking water with agricultural, recreational, and commercial interests.

Here in Glastonbury, open space and farmland are critical to our community’s charm and character. That’s why Jill worked directly with the Lamont Administration to ensure Glastonbury received the funds necessary to secure open space for conservation purposes. She is committed to protecting Glastonbury lands and landmarks, from the historic Cotton Hollow to the trails and riverfront we love.


Too often, Connecticut residents have faced uncertainty and high prices in our energy sector. Jill and other leaders reacted in horror as Eversource dramatically raised distribution rates for energy. She joined with Governor Lamont and other state leaders in calling on the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) to review these actions, and she is committed to holding Eversource accountable in the legislature.

After Eversource failed spectacularly in its response to Tropical Storm Isaias, Jill called for greater oversight over our utilities.

If re-elected, Jill will support strong environmental policies that include:

  • Greater oversight over Eversource and other utility companies.
  • Exploring a municipal-run utility company for Glastonbury and other interested towns.
  • Investigation into electricity rate increases and surcharges.
  • Continued investment in clean energy technology like solar and offshore wind that will drive down the cost of energy.
  • Funding for open space acquisition.


Glastonbury has worked hard to ensure its roads and bridges remain in top shape even in difficult times. Jill will work to preserve funding for our critical infrastructure and ensure Glastonbury has the resources we need to keep our community in good repair.