Gun Violence Prevention

Like nearly every parent in Connecticut, Jill was left devastated and distraught by the horror of Sandy Hook in 2012. In the absence of federal action, Jill has been a staunch advocate for gun violence prevention at the state and local level.

One of her proudest accomplishments as a State Representative is the passage of Ethan’s Law and the banning of “ghost” guns. Greater emphasis on securing weapons will help keep firearms out of the hands of small children who do not recognize their dangers.

Unfortunately, the Trump Administration has made dismantling gun violence prevention laws one of their top priorities, undermining background checks and allowing individuals with severe mental health conditions to purchase firearms. Jill supports sensible regulations including strong background checks even for online orders or sales at gun shows. She believes in closing loopholes that could allow dangerous individuals to gain access to firearms.

Jill also knows that too many women and families have been the victim of gun violence at the hands of domestic abusers. She supported legislation that would prevent the subject of a restraining order from obtaining a permit to purchase or carry a firearm.